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Maison de Fouzdar: Dimple Fouzdar, the founder, is another strong supporter of all things oudh, but understands the need to give it a contemporary update. Their range varies from floral to woody-spicy and all in between, and is positioned as a premium top-shelf product. A 100 ml flacon is in the ₹7,000 range.

Through my observation over the years, an interesting fact I noticed is how different scents are preferred by people in different countries. For instance, the USA likes more fresh smells while Europe is more into fruity or French Oud whereas the Middle East has its more swank kind of Ouds. So I desired India too should have its own signature scent.

Offering luxurious and exotic perfumes, Maison de Fouzdar is a niche fragrance brand founded by Indian perfumer Dimple Fouzdar. With a clear intent to convey emotions, create beautiful moments and jog unforgettable memories, the perfumes come in 8 variants and are unique, unisex, beyond boundaries and highly concentrated


Maison De Fouzdar Oud Imperial fragrance Immersed in timeless aroma, Maison de Fouzdar brings you to it’s divine fragrances to add to your festive spirit!

Oud Imperial by Maison De Fouzdar A relatively new entrant to the homegrown perfume labels category that is enticing us with its meeting of Middle Eastern Oudh mystique is Maison De Fouzdar. Founded by Dimple Fouzdar, this niche perfumery creates gender fluid fragrances based on emotions and memories.

Èlixir Extrême by Maison De Fouzdar: Another fragrance that perfectly blends the finest Bulgarian and Turkish roses, this scent calms the senses while giving the feeling of warmth.With notes of agarwood, Madagascar vanilla, and violets, this one is for people who prefer a soft, lingering scent that leaves an impression.

Dimple Fouzdar: Revolutionising the Fragrance Industry in India with Maison De Fouzdar With a deep rooted passion for fragrances, Dimple Fouzdar, Founder of Maison De Fouzdar, introduced niche perfumery in India. While reading law, she comprehended her endearment for diverse scents. Spending time in Grasse France, she honed the craft, learning from skilled professionals, thereby acing her virtuosity in perfumery.

Dimple Fouzdar: Revolutionising the Fragrance Industry in India with Maison De Fouzdar.