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Extrait De Parfum


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A Summer Picnic

A Summer Picnic Top Notes: Woody, Citrus FruityMid Notes: Powdery, Musky, GreenBase notes: Amber…

Bite Me

Bite Me Top Note: Guava, Blackcurrant Mid Note: Bergamot Cardomom Base Note: Peach Cedar…

Bois De Bourbon

Bois De Bourbon Top Notes: Whiskey, WoodyMid Notes: Tobacco, Oud, CaramelBase Notes: Aromatic, Citrus and Amber…

Boudoir Dreams

Boudoir Dreams Top Notes: Woody, RoseMid Notes: Fresh Spicy, AromaticBase Notes: Powdery, Oud…

Desert Rosewood

Desert Rosewood Top Notes: Warm spicyMid Notes: Amber, Woody, BalsamicBase Notes: Patchouli, Citrus…

Gardenia Amour

Gardenia Amour Top Notes: TuberoseMid Notes: JasmineBase Notes: Musk…


Immortalle Top notes – Violet, MandarinMiddle notes – SaffronBase notes – Cedar, leather, musk, patchouli…

Meet Me In Saint Tropez

Meet Me In Saint Tropez Top Notes: Green, Citrus, MuskyMid Notes: Powdery, Spicy FruityBase Notes: Sweet…

Oud Al Hamra

Oud Al Hamra Top notes – Saffron Mid note – Cedar Base note – Oud…

Oud Mystique

Oud Mystique Top Notes: SmokeyMid Notes: OudBase Notes: – Amber, Powder, Sandalwood…

Oud Rave

Oud Rave Top Notes: Saffron , spicyMid Notes: Oud, Lavender, Patchouli Base Notes: Leather, Woody…

Parfum Le Bois

Parfum Le Bois Top Notes: VanillaMid Notes: Musk, Warm SpicyBase Notes: Cinnamon, Amber…